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Nacare Herbals

Quality Natural products For Self-Care And Self Sustainability 



The NaCare hub was established in 2000 to provide practical training in the making of herbal remedies for students who pursue studies in Ethnomedicine, wellness, counselling and related fields of complementary or alternative health care.
NaCare stands for natural lifestyle in support of healthy living and total wellbeing. It depends on the ecological care that nature provides in the form of medicinal plants, organic nutrients, geomagnetic forces, clean air, pure water and sunlight.


The NaCare vision is to advance natural ways of living in providing in people’s self-care needs in order to enhance total wellbeing.


The mission is to produce quality natural products aligned to self-care and self-sustainability and to raise awareness on how to use these products and follow this way of living.


The NaCare series of products include a range of tinctures for common ailments and skin care products based on natural ingredients. Herbs can be divided into medicines and tonics. The potent and complex compounds in herbs in the form of alkaloids and glycosides have effective pharmaceutical functions and can be used as heart stimulants, liver cleansers, mood-uplifters and for many other health benefits. Tonics, on the other hand, exert a more mild and long term working to support the natural functioning of the human body in the innate self-healing processes.


The philosophy of wellbeing is to support, rather than treat; to screen rather than diagnose and to enhance wellbeing rather than cure. This is in line with the WHO policies of Alma Ata and Jakarta that health is more than the absence of disease. In a progressive sense health is psychological, social, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Hence, holism does not separate physical health and physiological functioning from mental and cognitive wellbeing. Its strategy of practice is to follow an integrated approach whereby wellness enhancement may require many related modalities to support the client.

The wellness practitioner…

- can screen to determine wellbeing needs to direct support;
- can also use counselling techniques for mental and emotional support;
- can coach lifestyle improvement with reference to healthy eating and body movement;
- can also instil meaning and purpose to foster growth and development
- can recommend herbal remedies for various common ailments
- can run a health shop to supply in his/ her client’s needs
- can train candidates in self-sustainment with reference perma culture farming methods.

Professional registration:

Wellness counsellors/coaches register at the ASCHP, a SAQA registered professional body for counsellors and coaches with designations registered on the National Qualifications Framework. The following designations are listed:
• Supportive Counsellor
• Holistic Counsellor
• Wellness Counsellor/Coach
• Specialist Wellness Counsellor/Coach